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I am the creator behind this channel's videos, whose voice touches millions of soul, whose words heal many broken hearts and whose work inspires thousands of creators. "I love what I do, and I do what I love".

Welcome to my site!

-Here you will find the downloadable links for my videos and their audio files.

-All my quotes and poems category wise.

-Stories and some motivational stuff.

Now as I have mentioned about this blog! you are all set to scroll right-left and up-down. Do read the blog section for my daily uploads. Check out the audio and video downloadable links, from where you can download both the formats. 

The section which is requested by many viewers YouTube tips & tricks will help you in growing your own YOUTUBE CHANNEL and how you can improve the output. This will be according to my experience*
Hope you enjoy!

(Do let me know in the comment section about your views for my site)


My Instagram, Facebook and YouTube pages.

You can also connect to my second YouTube channel, “Baate kuch meri, kuch tumhari…” 

Shekhar Pal,

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