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I started writing when I was in class 10th. Writing had started with the Hindi assignment which was given by my teacher, it was a holiday homework. I wrote 3 poetries on the social topics given in the assignment.  That was the first time I realised that I love making rhymes. And after that I started reading more Hindi Poetries and as well as writing more Poems and rhymes. In class 11 I felt love for the first time and that changed me, I started writing love poetries, shayari for incomplete love. but till then also it had never came in my mind that I should do something with my writing passion. that time there was no JIO or free internet. And as I was a study focussed student so I hardly had time for such things because that was not my priority or something.

I remember I recorded my poetries for the first time when my father had bought a new SAMSUNG phone. And I added those recorded audio files with music. That time I didn’t knew about youtube. I recorded them just because I loved hearing them with music in the background. After 12 I had plans for B. TECH so I dropped an year for preparing IIT in that time period when I came to delhi, I read many novels and had listened many things on youtube. In Delhi free wifi was my second teacher who taught me these things about YouTube and how to earn from it, second teacher because I  was my first teacher, because it was me who was learning and a self learner is the first teacher I think because making that dedication is yours and only you can do that no one can motivate you or teach you that. I learned everything on YouTube from editing to making this website, from investing zero Rs to earning a good salary, making my passion my profession. 

I started making youtube videos in the year 2017. My videos used to get 20 30 views per video in the starting and then after months found a bit increase in the views and subscribers. For the first 5 or 6 months I had only 500 subscribers and 25+ videos on my channel. It was really very difficult to keep making videos without a deserving result. But I knew one thing from the beginning that one day my channel will grow and I will start earning from it. I had a clear vision for which I worked very hard, made many changes to my videos, watched many influencers and videos.

And here I am today with 330k+ subscribers, with the YouTube silver play button as my award and all you people as my support. I am following my passion and now I want to make this my career. I wrote a book in the year 2018, “The Universe Recreated” and launched it on Amazon & Flipkart, looking forward for publishing more books and content. 

“We should dream and live that dream everyday in our daily lives”

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