YouTube Tips & Tricks


Follow these tips and tricks after making a YouTube channel. I will lead you from a below average youtuber to a top youtuber by my own experience.Myself Shekhar, founder of Shekhar’s Poems.ircle [170K+ SUBSCRIBERS ON YOUTUBE]

Online Earning?

Earning online is becoming one of the best option in today's life. Peoples are earning lakhs of Rupees/month, or thousands on an average. The big advertisers or big companies invest a large amount of their income in advertising. These advertisements are done with many social sites where they demand to get more target to reach. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, and everything you get ads on come under this category of online investment and earnings. These sites act as mediator between the audience and these big MNCS which places their ads on their website and help them reach more people. 

We all use Instagram, Facebook, YouTube more frequently eveyday. Now what these sites do, they simply place ads on their website and give the service of using their apps for free just because they earn money by ads which we see and click to get more into them. This process keeps on going which later help everyone. The inverstors, the social sites, and to us who view them too.

YouTube Tips & Tricks

Before proceeding further, let me tell you a little about me. On YouTube I also have a channel named as Shekhar’s Poems.ircle which I had started just a year ago from scratch. Scratch I mentioned because I had started when I had just heard about online earning from YouTube. Then I surfed more on YouTube searching for how to earn. I saw few videos telling the whole procedure. I continued and started my own YouTube channel when I had just heard about it.
I had been writing from 4 years and thought to give a shot. I started a YouTube channel and started uploading videos there. that time I just focused on how could I reach to more viewers and get more subscribers. I did what I was told or what I learned from YouTube.

Read the blog and you too will be able to improve your skill.
“Follow your passion and always look what you want it to produce in output for you”
Let’s begin ,

  • What is YouTube? Can we earn from it?
  • How to make a YouTube channel?
  • What is Google AdSense?
  • How much does it pay?
  • Important points you should know

If you have done reading the above articles about how to make YouTube channel and how to earn by making a Google AdSense account. Or you already know about that and only needs some extra tricks, then you are ready to proceed.

From here I am gonna divide the whole procedure in parts.

  1. Linking your YouTube channel to your absence account.
  2. Writing creative tittle & description.
  3. Using tags.
  4. Creating attractive thumbnails for your videos.
  5. Uploading videos on a particular frequency.
  6. Maintaining a consistency.
  7. Others

YouTube is a website which is one of best option of online earning. When we talk about our own passion we always wonder how would I get a name and would not get critised later.

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